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Garden implants

Garden implants – some design ideas and samples of the best sorts

‘Abundant’ refers to ornamental plants with a long, flexible stem that look lovely in hanging pots. The ampelous trunk cannot normally maintain itself; it must rely on something or hang down. It is because of this characteristic that numerous garden plants are so popular among novice gardeners. Such attractive crops are mostly annuals in our climate, grow quickly, blossom virtually all summer, and in a short time can turn the area around the house and individual garden corners into stunningly beautiful places that entice people to relax among the colors of nature.
Garden of Ampelny

Plants abound in the garden surrounding the house, which is positioned around the perimeter and hanging from the porch. Their lavish flowering can totally transform the appearance of the land.

Consider some garden plants that bloom profusely while being simple to care for.
Hanging begonia is the first option.

Small crimson or light red flowers on delicate, flexible, and long stalks make this a lovely plant. The flowers look like little chrysanthemums. This is a fickle plant that does not withstand heat well and requires frequent watering. Begonias should not be grown in direct sunlight; instead, they should be planted in a shady area. This plant will not thrive in your garden if the summers are too hot in your area.
Begonia Ampel

If you have a lot of begonias in your garden, they’ll give you a lot of flowers. Even a beautiful pot will brighten up a gazebo, porch, or terrace. Keep the plant in direct sunlight as much as possible.
Geranium is the second option.

Geranium is one of the most unassuming plants (or geranium). Geranium is a sun-loving, heat-loving plant that isn’t afraid of drought. If you are gone for an extended period of time and no one water it, the plant will not die.

Geraniums come in a variety of colors and can be grown both indoors and out. Flowering geranium boxes can be placed in any sunny spot in the garden, including under windows. This shrub looks great in flower gardens as well.
lobelia is the third option.

Lobelia is a lush plant that thrives in both the sun and the shade, making it ideal for the garden. Lobelia thrives in humus-rich, damp soil.

Lobelia can be used to provide a form of “edging” for some garden structures, such as a fence.
Option #4 – Petunias in plenty

Everyone is familiar with Ampel petunia. In the summer, its vivid, attractive blossoms of purple, lilac, and red are used as a decoration for city balconies and cafe patios, as well as in gardens. Petunias require consistent watering, a bright, warm environment, and fertile soil. Her flowering before the winter season will please you.

With a lush petunia, a version of the banana design. Flowers in rainbow pots on elegant wrought iron racks are sold in flower stores, and the flowers in them simply seem opulent.
Bacopa is the fifth option.

Although Bacopa is a perennial, it is more commonly utilized as an annual in our nation. It blooms throughout the summer and can be grown in the sun or light shade. Water the soil sparingly so that it does not dry out and does not become excessively wet.

Bacopa is well-known for its straightforward approach to health. There are white variants, like as the one shown here, as well as purple and lilac varieties.

Plants that bloom profusely are, of course, favored by individuals who wish to embellish their gardens. Non-flowering ampel types, on the other hand, may transform any interesting or even uninteresting location into a relaxing retreat.
Dichondra is the sixth option.

In our flower market, Ampel dichondra is a newcomer. It is a deciduous plant with up to one and a half meter long stems. The leaves of Dikondra are tiny and circular. They come in a variety of colors, including green and silver. The plant is ideal for both vertical gardening and ground-level carpet production.

On the ground, such a carpet can form a dichondra. You can symmetrically arrange the shoots and guide them down the dikondra tile line.

Dichondra, hanging from a flowerpot, has an interesting appearance. This cascade of luxuriant vegetation, either green or silvery, will bring appeal to any location in the yard.

This is only a small sample of the various varieties of plentiful plants. All of the plants mentioned above thrive in our gardens; they don’t require special care, and they make transforming the site into a beautiful nook a breeze. All you have to do is pay attention to them, care for them, and water them at the appropriate times.

Limnants are grown as a rich crop in hanging pots and broad flower pots. More information on this facility can be found here:

The beauty of Ampel is that it is simple to grow them, or you can buy already blossoming plants in pots or attractive decorative pots and transplant plants in them – petunia, pelargonium, fuchsia, begonia.


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