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Plants in the garden

Plants in the garden

An extensive selection to transform your garden or deck into a relaxing retreat. Everyone enjoys sitting in the garden or on the patio to take in the lovely weather and the lovely colors and scents of flowers and plants.


Our diverse selection of lovely garden plants allows you to personalize your garden or terrace to your tastes and preferences.

We utilize garden plants to generate environment outside, just as we use plants and decorations to create atmosphere inside.

Garden plants can be divided into several broad groups, including:

Conifers, ornamental shrubs, and trees

Perennials and attractive grasses are two types of perennials.

Plants such as roses and creepers

Plants for annuals and containers

bulbous flowers

Garden of vegetables, herbs, and fruits

Why should you purchase your plants from Van Nuffelen’s flower and plant center?

We are always able to offer quality plants at cheap prices because to our many years of experience and links with growers both at home and abroad.

We can also offer unusual or novel types that are difficult to find or are not yet available in the mainstream commerce on a regular basis.

What’s the best way to plant your newly purchased trees and shrubs?

Conifers, ornamental shrubs, and trees


Various sorts of trees, ranging in size from little to enormous, can be found in our collection.

We can always order the sorts that we don’t have in store.

Bushes and ornamental shrubs

Both deciduous and evergreen species are available in our selection of shrubs and ornamental shrubs, making them appropriate for a variety of applications in the garden or on the terrace. Shrubs with flowers and berries, topiary shrubs, ground coverings, hedge plants, heather plants, and much more… What isn’t in stock can also be ordered and delivered.

Planting in pots allows you to plant virtually all year. We have a wide stock of bushes in our range all year, and they are always seasonal.

Shrubs, unlike trees, have essentially no trunk and begin branching barely above the ground.


Conifers (also known as conifers) are almost always evergreen, providing color and structure to your garden or patio throughout the year, with the exception of the Larch, which sheds its needles.

There are many different types, ranging from groundcovers and small varieties to hedge plants and lovely solo plants. Conifers are low-maintenance and extremely hardy.

Perennials, bamboo, and ornamental grasses are all good choices.

Perennials, often known as herbaceous or perennial plants, are constantly available in our inventory. They are distinguished from attractive shrubs or bushes by the absence of woody stems. In the winter, most plants die above ground and reappear in the spring with new branches. Perennials are always delivered in pots, allowing them to be planted all year. There are pure-bred cut flower variants among the perennials, in addition to ground covers, rock plants, and border flowers.

In order to generate a harmonious impression in the garden, we propose planting perennials in small or larger groups per species.
Ornamental grasses and bamboo

Bamboos are ornamental grasses with woody stems that keep the majority of their leaves throughout the year. Their height is mostly governed by their geographical location.

Root control (an anti-root screen) can be used to prevent the spread of some species.

Bamboos and grasses provide a lovely contrast to your garden’s foliage species. They are available in a variety of heights and pitches. They’re constantly encased in a pot.

Herbaceous stems on ornamental grasses normally turn attractive in the fall and then die. They require little or no maintenance, with the exception of trimming off the dead culms after the winter.

Plants for annuals and containers

Annual plants, often known as bedding plants, are bright blooming plants that bloom nicely in a pot, balcony box, or just in the garden throughout the summer. If you’re going to put them in trays or pots, make sure you have appropriate potting soil and fertilizer, as well as good drainage. Too much water in the pots causes the potting soil to become acidic, which harms the roots. Remove faded blooms on a regular basis, and these plants will repay you with a profusion of flowers until late October.

The majority of container plants are native to the Mediterranean region.

Container plants like Oleander, Lantana, Abutilon, and Fuchsia prefer a warm position on the patio or in the garden in the summer, but they should be moved inside in the fall. For the most part, a cold, unheated room is sufficient. In the winter, give them a little water (but don’t let them dry out).

You can repot them and prune them back in the spring when they start sprouting anew.


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